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Flat Camp is an unforgettable, relationship-focused conference for the Statamic community. Forget the auditorium, leave the lengthy talks that could be YouTube videos behind, and immerse yourself in an organic learning environment designed to elevate your expertise and shape the future Statamic and its community.

June 11-14


Rome, Italy

(CIA Airport)

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The Experience

Flat Camp returns, this time heading to Europe near Rome, Italy. Unlike a traditional conference, this event elevates the “hallway track” of a traditional conference into the main event. Instead of taking notes from a talk that you can watch again later on YouTube, bring your laptop and sit down with the core dev team or other Statamic developers and agency owners and ask them anything you'd like.

Studies show that learning and retention are at their highest when people are outside in nature, utilizing multiple senses. So instead of staring at projection screens inside air conditioned rooms, we'll have meeting spaces and workshops outside in our own private Italian villa while a private chef takes care of our daily needs.

But of course we still have an agenda – come prepared for an open and transparent Q&A session where we can go behind the the scenes, under the hood, and visit Statamic's future or past. Bring a project or an addon for a show & tell session where you can show off or get valuable feedback, and spend the rest of your time building relationships and picking the brains of the core Statamic team.


  • 3 Nights lodging in our own private Italian villa
  • Access to all workshops, talks, and wine-cellar chats
  • A private chef will prepare us breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Exclusive Statamic/Flat Camp swag
  • Other mysteries and surprises

Who's Going?

Come and ask us anything. The entire Statamic crew is going, are you?

Jack McDade Your Host & Creator of Statamic
JSON Varga Lead Developer @ Statamic
Jesse L337 Developer @ Statamic
Joshua Blum Developer @ Statamic
Duncan McClean Developer @ Statamic
Erin Dalzell RTFM Advocate @ Statamic


Sponsors help folks make Flat Camp more affordable by subsidizing the price of the ticket for folks that need it. If you're interested in helping mitigate the cost to the community, let us know!